Episode 16 - The Korean sharpshooter (275 pictures)


Hongkong! - Episode 16
The Korean Sharpshooter

A young Korean woman travels to Hongkong because she wants to take revenge for the death of her sister and some of her friends. Her target is the African group that has kidnapped Xia Shi Cheung. The Korean does not talk much, she has brought a friend to do the talking for her - it is her sniper rifle.

Kimmi who has won the tournament of episode 14 has to fight again. Having lost every of her previous fights she feels that her time is nearly over.

Dolly, Akemi, and Saida, all participants of the tournament of episode 14, come to rescue Kimmi. Thinking that they are powerful enough together they enter the building to which they have followed Kimmi. Unfortunately they meet a mountain of muscles, the rescue mission goes horribly wrong.

At this moment Xia Shi appears in company of an African armed guard. Xia Shi has to fight that day, too, and the location is the same as Kimmi´s. In an instant she understands the situation. She attacks the guard, and after overpowering her she helps the four girls against the strong woman. The four girls can escape, but only because Xia Shi sacrifices herself. She tries to keep the two African women from following the fleeing group as long as possible, but she very soon finds out that she is chanceless against the two of them.

Outside the building it is Kimmi who slips and falls. When she wants to get up again the armed guard is over her, aiming at her with a pistol. A second later the sound of a gun that has been fired fills the air...

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