Episode 10 - Where is my sister? (218 pictures)


Episode 10: In the shower of the Chai Wan fightclub Kamilah Owamba is about to get very much closer to Kyo Leung. But she gets disturbed by Saree Parishvaarya who is invited by Kyo Leung for a very special reason. Meanwhile the British girl Michelle Colton, elder sister of Bettine Colton whose life has been saved twice by Xia Shi Cheung, and who seemingly has disappeared, tries to get informations about the whereabout of Bettine. The student has not yet reported home after the terrible beating she has received.

Following every trace Michelle comes to Chai Wan only to find a black girl beating her up. After she opens her eyes again she finds out that she is not alone anymore. The Japanese girl Miyuki Osibashi is standing right above her, and she is making fun of Michelle. An embarrassing situation that calls for a hurtful solution. Unfortunately Miyuki is an experienced, undefeated fighter.

Mentioning that her little brother would have won against Michelle hurts the British girl. She objects and finds herself fighting the boy a minute later, taking the third defeat of the evening. But after the fight things change for better.

While Miyuki´s brother Riku and Michelle are enjoying themselves, the black girl appears on the scene again. She has found out that Miyuki is still undefeated, and she wants to let her experience the bitter taste of defeat...

Warning: this episode is sexually explicit!

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